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WWE NXT 7/17/14 - Alexa Bliss v. Sasha Banks (part 2)

Sasha takes control after connecting with a nice dropkick.  She drags Alexa around the ring, relishing every second of torture she puts the bubbly battler through.  The tough Alexa hangs on as long as she can.  The concentrated attack on her neck is too much and she has to tap out.

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WWE NXT 7/17/14 - Alexa Bliss v. Sasha Banks (part 1)

In her short time on NXT, Alexa can already claim wins over former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox and Sasha herself.  She’s out to prove that she’s not a fluke.  Her entrance shows her brimming with confidence and beauty.  Unfortunately, Sasha ain’t playing around this time.

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Monday Night RAW 6/30/14 - AJ v. Paige (part 2)

Shock.  Despair.  Tears.

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Monday Night RAW 6/30/14 - AJ v. Paige (part 1)

An unexpected return forces the young Divas champion to defend her title.  She struggles not only against her opponent, but against a crowd that is excited to see AJ again.  Despite being dominant, Paige is confused by the boos she’s receiving.  The distraction costs her the title.

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Money In The Bank 6/29/14 - Naomi v. Paige

In a high profile “special event” match, Naomi pushes Paige to the limit.  The Anti-Diva has never had to work harder to keep her title.  Naomi is fast, athletic, strong and more than willing to put her body on the line to take the belt.  Paige suffers for her art.

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NXT 6/19/14 - Alexa Bliss v. Sasha Banks

Alexa wins over more fans with every appearance, something that can’t sit well with NXT’s resident “mean girls”.  Her back is broken and her body is stretched, but Alexa perseveres.  One mistake is all it takes for the plucky rookie to get the upset win over “The Boss”.

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Smackdown! 6/13/14 - Aksana v. Alicia Fox

Aksana was released recently.  This was her last match.  What an absolutely exquisite creature she is.  She was too good for this company.

Watching this match, I can only imagine a better world where they treated her like the jobber she was born to be.  It is a pleasure to see her fall down and to see her get back up.

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Payback 6/1/14 - Paige v. Alicia Fox (part 2)

Alicia tortures the champ with a nasty backbreaker stretch.  Sometimes it looks like Paige wants to quit…but she perseveres and repays Alicia with her own signature submission: The PTO (Paige Tap Out).

She looks so damn adorable in victory.

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Payback 6/1/14 - Paige v. Alicia Fox (part 1)

Having beaten Paige once, Alicia is confident she can do it again.  The champion is pushed to the limit against a foe who has proven she is capable of anything.

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NXT 5/22/14 - Paige v. Tamina (part 2)

…the beating continues as Paige is punished with a torture rack.  How can she withstand it?  Through sheer will and determination she perseveres.  Triumphant, she awaits the next challenge.

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